Liam and Michael Show: Grand Finale Baby

As the school year comes to an end, the Liam and Michael show has reached its last episode! Sit back and enjoy the final episode!

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Liam and Michael Show: Grand Finale Baby


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Yo, how we doing up in this piece. Unfortunately, this is the last episode of the Liam and Michael show. I know you are in deep depression after reading that. But put it this way, the tradition will MOVE ON!

Michael’s current status on graduating is quite slim, so you guys may see him next year as a 5th year senior. We do pray that he graduates, but based off the teachers responses within the video, we are not quite sure on what to believe.

Fellow friend, Tanner Hodges, has recently been cuffed and has been neglecting the boys. Liam has oddly seen Tanners car parked in his neighborhood and wondered why. Then Liam put two and two together and realized that Tanner has been parking in front of his girlfriends house. Why, Tanner, why…. Never neglect the boys.

We then interviewed a few fellow students that are or have been vegan at some point within their lives. Abby Zadeits completely hated the fact of being vegan and couldn’t even imagine life without meat. Catherine Cenzoprano is a die hard vegan and there’s nothing more to say about that.

We would like to thank all of you guys for viewing our videos, we truly appreciate it. Peace out….. Liam and Michael actually out.

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