What are Panther Creek Student’s Favorite Memories?



As the final week of classes commences, seniors are given the chance the look back and reminisce on their favorite high school memories.  PCNN has taken this opportunity to interview selected seniors to elaborate on what they are going to miss the most after graduation.

These selected interviewees are initially asked what their favorite memory in general was from the past four years.  This questions provoked a variety of answers, from sporting events to different clubs participated in.  Next, PCNN asked the question, “What was your favorite class at Panther Creek and why?”  Some sarcastically answered with “none” but others got the chance to look back and talk about the classes that really opened the student’s minds about topics they loved.  After this question, the selected students were then asked who their favorite teacher was.  This gave the interviewee the opportunity to think about which teacher made the class enjoyable to attend, or gave the student the best education throughout Panther Creek.  Lastly, the senior respondents were asked to give advice to upcoming freshman regarding high school success.  A lot of seniors suggested having fun because at the end you are going to with you did.  Also, some seniors suggested making a lot of friends because high school without friends would not be the best experience.

Overall, the majority of seniors are going to miss some aspects of Panther Creek or the high school period in general.  However, they are looking forward to the next step in life, whether it be college, military, work-force, etc.  Always remember to enjoy all the moments in high school because it will be over before you know it.