Young Voters In The 2018 Midterm Elections

Tuesday November 6th 2018, the midterm elections take place. Many people are rushing to the polls and casting their votes for the election-including many first time voters. Young voter turnout rates are typically low, especially in midterm elections, but this year, the numbers from early voting suggest a different story. With all the protesting and activism (through events like march for our lives and our very own PC Gun Control Walkout) we’ve seen this year, we now have one of the most politically active groups of young Americans in history- and the candidates are taking notice. These campaigns have been the most expensive midterms the united states has ever had-and a lot of that money has gone to targeting young voters. They’ve put campaign ads just about everywhere- in front of our schools, around the polling places, and even on youtube videos.

Political awareness is on the rise as democrats are fed up with the GOP’s majority in congress- another reason why the midterms this year are so prominent- Democrats are trying to flip the house. Early voting and exit poll data suggests that Democrats may have gained more seats in the house than in the last elections, but it’s too early to tell if they will gain the majority.