Holiday Break at Panther Creek


Panther Creek students are very excited for the holiday break this year, as they’ll be out of school from December 21st until January 3rd. We caught up with some students to see if they celebrated Christmas, what their plans/traditions were for the holiday, and if they were going out of town.

First we asked the students what their plans were for the holidays, and junior Andrew Burch answered,”‘hanging out with my family, eating dinner together, and opening presents, you know, typical white family stuff, even though I am not white.” The next question we asked was if they planned on going out of town, which all of the students answered “No,” besides senior Weston ‘the tank’ Plunket who plans on going to his mom’s sisters house. Next, we asked the students what traditions their families have on the holidays, and Caroline Dreyer answered, “every year on Christmas we all get matching pajamas to wear on Christmas day.”  Finally, we asked everyone if they celebrate the holiday Christmas, which all students responded with “Yes.”

Christmas is a great time of year where you get to spend time with your family and hear about all the different traditions and plans that people make for the holiday season.