PC’s Embarrassing Stories


Remember that time you walked out of the bathroom and yep, your pants were wet with sink water. Your cheeks blush red, you start sweating and everyone is staring. All you can think was “that was embarrassing.”

We went around to the students of our great school to see what kind of humiliating, cringey stories we could get and sure enough we got plenty.

One student told us that she fell down the main stairwell in the cafeteria, and she knocked over a few people and one girl twisted her ankle! While everyone was watching. Stories like these you can’t help to laugh in the moment, but we hope everyone ended up okay!

One of our own, Joe Samson had a lot to share, and all of them included breaking something, 2 broken windows, a file cabinet, and a locker!

We all have embarrassing moments and thank you to the students who shared their private stories with us for our entertainment.