Panther Creek Athlete’s Signing Day


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Every year, Panther Creek seniors make the decision for what they would like to do after they graduate high school, and for many, college is the next step. Some athletes received offers from colleges to play for their team. For these athletes, Panther Creek hosted a Signing Day on February 6th, to celebrate these athletes and their commitments.

Joseph Samson signed to East Carolina University for football. In an interview, Samson said he was looking forward to playing for them because, “there’s just a great culture there from so many other new coaches.” Christian Schmidt signed to Wake Tech Community College for baseball. Another senior, Emily Haynes, signed to Meredith College for soccer, and said she was looking forward to, “becoming a better player individually.. and getting close to everyone.” Rachel Shaffer signed to University of North Carolina Wilmington for beach volleyball, and stated that she was excited to sign because she’ll be able to, “meet [her] teammates and really bond with them.”

PCNN would like to congratulate all the students who signed for all their hard work!


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