What can we expect to see at the Catamount Show?


Catamout Show contestants missing Luke Lajcin

Danny Wang, Aakash Shanmugavel, Ben Oh and Alexander Stanford posing for a group shot


There is a new event here at Panther Creek. Well, it is not really new, it has been re-invented. For many years there has been an event called Mr. Catamount here at PC, but the event has been changed to the Catamount Show. The Mr. Catamount competition was originally a beauty pageant just for senior male students here at PC, but the Catamount Show is open to all seniors who want to compete in the pageant. This change is on the same page with the change from Homecoming Queen to Catamount Crown. This shows that PC is progressing with the times, a more inclusive time. Mr. Catamount has been an honored tradition here at Panther Creek, and the Catamount Show looks to build on the amazing reputation built by past years and past contestants. The contestants this year are Alexander Stanford, Ben Oh, Danny Wang, Akash Shanmugavel, Luke Lajcin, Soraiah Williams, Noah Hudson-Camak. We were able to interview three of the contestants, Akash Shanmugavel, Ben Oh, and Luke Lajcin. From interviews from these three contestants, we learned that the audience can expect many performances from rapping to painting. All three contestants are super excited about the show, and we are sure the other contestants are as well. Even with all the changes that have taken place with the Show, audience members can expect a very entertaining, energetic, and exciting night. The contestants have been putting in so much hard work for the show, and we can not wait for what the Show will provide this year. Good luck to all the contestants, and let the best Catamount win.