The changes in the Catamount Show this year!

Mr. Catamount has been an ongoing tradition at PCHS throughout the years. It has always been an entertaining and interactive show put on by students and staff and is definitely a favorite for the student’s at Panther Creek. However, the show has always followed a trend, and that trend being that only males can participate as nominees in the show, hence the name Mr. Catamount. Whoever receives the title also receives the title of Prom King, s only having male competitors was valid. The boys had Mr. Catamount and the girls had prom queen and homecoming court. But this year things have changed, and now all the voting competitions have become gender neutral. Anyone can run for the position, doesn’t matter if you’re a boy or a girl. This change has brought a lot of discussion and controversial discussions among students and staff about whether it was the right choice to make or not. But regardless of if it was or not, it has allowed more opportunities for more students, which Brian Hernandez agrees with and says that he is “glad boys and girls can compete because it makes the competition that much more fun and interesting.”