Victory Day 2019

Victory Day 2019


A player gets loose and heads towards the end zone.
Offense is ready for the ball to be hiked to start the play.
A player scored a touchdown!
Fans came out to support the players despite the cold weather.
Strong defensive line trying to pull the flag of the running back.
Both teams lined up on the line of scrimmage.

Panther Creek held its first Victory Day on October 14, 2019. Victory Day is set-up by Project Unify. Victory Day is a football game for the special needs children at the school according to Junior Lekha Sullivan, Junior Sarah Merrit, and Junior Cameron Wurtsbaugh. According to Lekha Sullivan the main goal of Victory Day is “to kind of bring awareness, and also help include the kids at school with special needs into the things we do everyday like with the football team.”

The Football Game was also a charity fundraiser to send the children to the Special Olypmics according to Cameron Wurtsbaugh.

This will hopefully be an annual tradition here at Panther Creek.