What are your favorite holiday movies?





What is your favorite Christmas movie?

Here is an image of the favorite holiday movies throughout state by state.

Junior, Napoleon Bonapart, states how his favorite holiday movie is The Santa.

Jonathan Rodriguez, class of 2021, states how his favorite holiday movie is Elf.

This image shows the most searched Christmas movies in the united States, with The Polar Express being the most popular.

America’s favorite holiday movies are not what you think they are.

Holiday movie favorites are very popular with the upcoming holiday season.

Favorite Holiday Movies for the Family.

Holiday movies are the best when watching with family and friends.

There’s something special about gathering around the fireplace in your favorite pajamas with a cup of hot chocolate in your hand while your favorite holiday movie is playing. 

We’ve all heard or seen a holiday movie. In some way, they all teach us some sort of lesson. How The Grinch Stole Christmas, and The Polar Express gives us a better understanding of getting into the Christmas spirit while National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, Elf, Home Alone and A Christmas Story were made for pure laughter. Then we have the classics like It’s A Wonderful Life, Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer and Frosty The Snowman that families have been watching for years.

Students here at Panther Creek High School discuss what their favorite holiday movies are and according to Senior Jay Allmer, “My favorite holiday movie is Home Alone because I grew up watching it.” A vast majority of watchers would agree with Allmer saying it’s a good movie according to Google’s 95% rating. Junior Jack Hansen is also one of those people, “My favorite holiday movie is Home Alone because I liked all the pranks he pulled on the intruders.”

Straying away from Home Alone, Junior Calvin Allen told us, “Elf is my favorite holiday movie because I really like the actors in the movie, they’re really funny.” While sticking to the classics, Lindsey Hancock said, “The Polar Express because it’s a classic.” These classic movies seem to be a hit for Panther Creek students!

After being asked about their favorite holiday movies PCHS students were asked about their least favorite holiday movies. A popular answer was The Grinch. Hansen wasn’t a fan of The Grinch because “I used to get a lot of nightmares from it and it scared me a lot so I don’t really like watching it”. While Allmer didn’t like Cindy Lou Who and Allen was also scared as a child. Hancock didn’t enjoy National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation because “I don’t think it’s very funny”. 

When asked what their favorite part about watching holiday movies is, Allen told us, “I get to spend time with my family,” and Hancock told us “It gets me in the Christmas spirit.” Watching movies seems to be a top activity during the winter months and Panther Creek students plan to keep it as a top activity during the upcoming winter break. 

Are you in the Christmas spirit?