Dungeons and Dragons and Quiz Bowl, Oh My! – A Guide to PCHS Clubs

 2020 has been a very different year so far. Students left on March 13th with smiles and laughter thinking that there would just be an extra week of spring break. But now the new school year has started with classes online. Students are feeling the new rush of suddenly remembering there was an assignment due at 11:59pm and it’s 11:24pm. Quaran-teens are staggering through uncharted territory right now, but hopefully the return of PCHS Clubs will provide a source of familiarity. 

   Getting involved with clubs and having virtual interactions outside of classes filled with turned off cameras and silenced microphones could be just what teens need after spending their summers alone and six feet apart (or at least the ones who were selfless enough to care about flattening the curve.)


Talking with Club Leaders


   PCNN spoke with Vihaan Ambre, President of Quiz Bowl and Model United Nations about coming back and running clubs.

    “It’s honestly really stressful at times, given the increased responsibilities, but it’s also really rewarding when you get to see people grow their interests in the club you’ve worked so hard to keep running.” Ambre explained a lot about what it is like to be a part of Model United Nations. “You could debate about how the GDPR would affect European business or you could do more politically active things, like the Rohingyan genocide. Topics vary by committee, so there are more peaceful topics, some violent ones, and others that have to do with the economy among many others.”

   Vihaan Ambre also explained that Quiz Bowl with depth as he explained that it is “for anyone.” A student does not need to “read” the dictionary in order to study ahead of time. “The beauty of it is that you get to learn so many interesting facts along the way and that’s how you get better,” Ambre stated.

   Maybe Quiz Bowl is exactly what PCHS students should be signing up for after spending days on end this summer losing brain cells on TikTok. Learning some cool new facts could do teens some good.


   Speaking of doing good. PCNN spoke with Project Unify Co-Presidents on the good they are continuing to do. Kaleigh Knight stated “Although we’re under different circumstances this year and can’t have our normal fun year we are still trying to plan as many fun online events that we can.” Project Unify has a schedule out on their website of the ways they are using technology to continue to connect with other students. 

   Project Unify is not only connecting through webcams but aims to form bonds and friendships. “It’s an inclusive club and there is something for everyone. You get to make so many friends through it and have so many fun experiences,” states Lekha Sullivan. Knight adds on to talking about inclusivity “So many people are quick to judge these kids but little do they know they’re just like you and me.. but honestly better.” 

Now more than ever is the perfect time to “unify” with others and appreciate the friendships created.


PCHS Clubs Returning Virtual for 2020


Club Name: Dungeons and Dragons

Interest Meeting: 9/4 at 2:30pm

Remind: @pchssword


Club Name: Thespian Society

Interest Meeting: 8/27 at 2:30pm

Google Meet: pcthesp


Club Name: Science Club

Interest Meeting: 9/4 at 10:30am

Website: https://pcscienceclub.weebly.com/


Club Name: Gender and Sexuality Alliance

Interest Meeting: 9/4

Remind: @gsapc20

Website: https://panthercreekgsa.weebly.com/contact.html

Instagram: @panthercreek.gsa

Twitter: @pc_gsa

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/x7ESHZZ


Club Name: Math Club

Interest Meeting: 9/2 at 10:30am

Remind: @pchsmathcl

Website: www.pchsmathclub.weebly.com


Club Name: Catamount Chapters

Interest Meeting: 9/9 at 10:30am

Remind: @pcbooks

Google Meet: catamountchapters


Club Name: Latin Club

Interest Meeting: 9/10 at 2:30pm

Remind: @pclat19

Google Meet: quintoquarto


Club Name: Interact Club

Interest Meeting: 9/10 @ 10:30am

Google Meet: @interact2020


Club Name: Quiz Bowl

Interest Meeting: 9/10 at 3:00am

Google Meet: pcquizbowl

Instagram: @pcquizbowl


Club Name: Filipino Student Association 

Interest Meeting: 9/24 at 11:00am

Remind: @pchsfsa

Google Meet: pchsfsa


Club Name: Creative Writing Club

Interest Meeting: 9/15 at 2:30pm

Google Meet: pcwriters


Club Name: Model United Nations

Interest Meeting: 9/22 at 10:30am

Instagram: panthercreekmun


Club Name: Cyber Defense

Interest Meeting: 10/2 at 3:00pm

Google Meet: meet.google.com/vvv-uan-cam


Club Name: Project Unify

Remind: @pcunify202 

Website: https://pchsprojectunify.weebly.com 

Email: [email protected]

Instagram: @pchsunify

Twitter: @pchsunify


Don’t see your club above? Reach out to PCNN @panthercreeknews on Instagram and we’ll add you to the list!


PCHS Students and Clubs


(On a scale of “Virtual clubs will be no fun” to “Glad they are happening at all”)

(On a scale of “No, I’m okay with virtual” to “Yes!”)