Southpoint Mall Requiring Chaperones

A sign outside the mall notifies visitors of the rules about chaperones.

Recently Southpoint Mall implemented a curfew. This curfew is on Friday and Saturday nights after 3 pm and is for anyone under 18. If you are under 18 you must have an adult who is older than 21 accompany you. Cross Creek Mall and Crabtree Mall both have this as well.


Middle schooler Lila Cates walks into the mall with her mom.

When asked about her thoughts on the decision, Sarah Merrett says, “I think they should lower the age limit to 16 because if you can drive alone to get there I think you should be able to shop.” Emma Potter stated, “I personally don’t think it was the best decision because a lot of kids, especially middle schoolers, go to the mall to hang out with their friends and parents are typically busy so they can’t always stay with them. It’s also a good hangout spot for underclassmen.”

A Barnes & Noble sits behind a fountain on the Streets at Southpoint.

“I think it will negatively affect businesses because it will be fewer customers, especially for the stores that are aimed at younger shoppers,” says Lekha Sullivan when asked about how she thinks this curfew will affect businesses. Potter said, “I think it will impact the mall’s business by decreasing their sales because you have a lot of kids who like to go shopping with their friends, but now they won’t be able to.”

A statue of a child reaches into the sky in one of Southpoint’s famous fountains.

Delaney Garver states, “If I was under 18, I would try to sneak in because my parents are busy a lot of the time and I don’t always want to walk around the mall with a parent anyways,” when asked if she would sneak in. Going with the same mindset, Potter says, “I would try to sneak because my parents hate shopping and never go to the mall with me so if I need anything I have to go alone.” Merrett and Sullivan both agreed that they would not try to sneak in due to almost being 18 and not wanting to go through the hassle of avoiding security.

A statue stretches toward a sign on the Streets at Southpoint.

Merrett, Garver, and Sullivan all agreed that they believe the consequence if caught should just be security asking them to leave the mall. Potter stated, “I think the consequences should be calling your parents and they decide from there or maybe you get like a two-week ban from the mall.”

We have reached out to the Southpoint contact team and did not get a response.