Life of a Student Athlete

Hannah Tarkelly, Reporter

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When asking Panther Creek’s Athletic Director, Coach Hepp, how he would describe a student athlete, he replied with the word; “tough”.
“Student athletes have so much that they have to overcome there are so many things competing for their time, energy, thoughts, and their going to have bumps in the road.” Coach Hepp oversees 40 teams, including junior varsity, with about 60 coaches and around 900 students. Each year many student athletes make various strides athletically and academically thus given the responsibility of representing the school in the most positive spotlight. This responsibility, as it is rewarding, can also be challenging when trying to juggle, school, sports, family, and any extra curricular activities. Therefore, time management has proven to be a key factor in a successful student athlete. Coach Hepp states “Trying to put a couple of hours into an athletic team with a tough course load is demanding.” The students that we interviewed agreed when talking about how much time they spend dedicated towards their sport. Specifically, these athletes typically practice Monday through Friday if not more when off season. Panther Creek also has a weight training room and class to keep athletes in top shape all year round. However, instead of just lifting weights, nutritional value has also been a prime factor in athletes top performance. When we asked these student athletes what they eat, their answers varied. Ivoree Atkinson said he eats somewhat healthy but it was challenging due to the tempting off campus food. Parker Cross on the other hand said he brings his lunch to ensure his meal contains all food groups. Every student athlete varies, whether that’s nutrition, grades, or social status. However they all contain a tough demeanor that brings pride to Panther Creek’s name.


Interview with Coach Hepp:

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