What is the best way to teach?

All teachers have different methods or styles of teaching. We divided these methods into 4 distinct styles you have most likely encountered throughout your schooling career. Some teachers may use more than one method or let students opinions dictate what style will be used in that class but most teachers are set in their own teaching style and stick with that.

Lecture Style- When a teacher stands in front of the class and teaches them the curriculum by explaining everything to them in a lecture or a seminar. This style is typically used in a college setting and is more appropriate for much larger classes because the teacher can communicate to the entire class at once. One negative of Lecture style is that if a student needs help individually the teacher or professor is typically unable to help.

Activity Style- The teacher allows the students to learn the curriculum through activities assigned. This teaching style allows for a lot of hands on work and students being able to physically handle and attempt to understand the subject. An example of this is a Science class could be students being able to do a lab of the universe and seeing a model of the Sun and the planets around it.

Facilitator Style- is when The teacher facilitates discussions with the students that help deepen their understanding of the curriculum. This specific style of teaching helps students get in depth with what their learning and be able to fully understand the subject due to thorough debating of the topic with other students. A positive aspect of this teaching style is that it gets the students involved and connected to the what they are learning at that time in the class.

Hybrid Style- is a combination of the three other styles. Teachers can use Hybrid style by using all three different styles of teaching listed above. They determine which style would be best implemented with the current subject being taught to the class. The specific class that is being taught to and their strengths and weaknesses can influence what style is used to teach.